10 Inch Dragon Survival Rust Free

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This 10" Dragon Survival rust free full tang guard handle Kukri is one of the latest product of Ex Gurkha Khukuri House(EGKH). The spine of the blade of this khukuri is intricately crafted in dragon back design, which needs much skill and hard work of the craftsmen.

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The handle is made from the Rosewood and Water Buffalo bone with gripper design which makes it easy to hold while using. The handle is made from the mixture of Rosewood and Water Buffalo Bone which is called Gaswa form. It has full flat tang blade which means that the metal of the blade fully goes through the handle to the end for maximum strength and Rosewood and Water Buffalo bones are glued to the handle part and further riveted with white metal to strengthen the whole fixture. The blade is made from highly graded carbon steel and has Dragon design at the upper spine which beatify the blade of this Khukuri and the handle is made from the Rosewood. A metal hand guard is attached just above the handle at the bottom of the blade of the kukri which is known as Kabjawal for the safety of the user. There is a hole at the bottom end of the handle so one can use a cord to tie up blade in his hand in used and not to lose the knife. The sheath is made from refined water buffalo leather.

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Material Used Highly Graded Carbon Steel(Car & Jeep leaf spring, 5160), refine water Buffalo Leather for Scabbard, rosewood and water buffalo horn for the Handle, whitemetal and Laha (Nepali Traditional Glue).
Belly 6.2cm
Blade Size and Type 10 inch (25.4cm) Handmade Rust Free blade.
Handle Circumference 4.5 Inch.
Handle Size and Type 5 inch (12.5cm) Rosewood + water buffalo bone Full Tang Guard Handle.
Hardness of steel spine= 22-25 RC, belly= 45-46 RC, edge= 58-60 RC
Lower Spine 3mm
Upper Spine 7mm
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