Chilean Military CORVO Fighting Knife

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This is 8.5" Chilean Military CORVO Fighting Knife. This is of the latest custom product of Ex Gurkha Khukuri House(EGKH).
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The knives atacameño of Chile was institutionalized as it leaves from the uniform of Army of Chile, as a result of the war that maintained and I gain Chile against the Confederation Peru-Bolivian in century XIX, and that to the farmers and Chilean miners contributed when they went in defense of his earth, knife as well, derived from alfanje that they took with himself the Spaniards when they arrived at Chile. In fact two models of these knives exist according to the leaf, the knife corvo and the knife atacameño that with different luxury, bronzed or brightness, the uniforms shine or is in full dress or battle of the Chilean soldiers. The knife corvo hangs of the belt of the Officials and the knife atacameño of the privates and corporals.

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Material Used Highly Graded Carbon Steel 5160, Water Buffalo refine Leather for Scabbard(outside) and rosewood for the Handle, Pinewood for the Scabbard (inside), Whitemetal and "Laha" ( Nepali Traditional Glue).
Belly 4.3cm
Blade Size and Type 8.5 inch (21.25cm) Handmade and Unpolished blade.
Handle Circumference 4.2 Inch.
Handle Size and Type 8.5 inch (21.25cm) Handmade and Unpolished blade.
Hardness of steel spine=22-25 RC, belly=45-46 RC, edge=54-55 RC.
Upper Spine 4mm
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